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  • Martha & Michael

    Martha and Michael’s wedding took place at the beautiful James River Assembly church in Ozark Missouri. A

    Josh & Danielle

    I am so happy happy happy to show this beautiful sneak peak of Josh and Danielle’s wedding! The wedding ceremony

    Engagement Video!

    I am so excited to show this video! It is of our sweet 2015 couple, Jordan and Samantha. We loved every part of their

Springfield Missouri Wedding Photographers

Hello gorgeous and welcome to our awesome website! We are so happy you are here! Who are we you ask? We are Timothy and E’lisa Mitchell, the most awesome Springfield Missouri Wedding Photographers. We have been shooting weddings, boudoir and portraits for almost 7 years in the United States. We not only travel often, but a lot of our clients actually come to us from different areas of the U.S. We are so incredibly blessed to get to work together as a team and share the love of photography with others. ¬†Please take a look through our portfolios and our blog for our most recent projects and events. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask!